Neovita White C-Plus
Neovita White C-Plus
Neovita White C-Plus
Neovita White C-Plus

Neovita White C-Plus

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Neovita White C-Plus (New & Improved)
KOKANDO Vita White Plus

✔️Enhances the skin metabolism, whitening skin naturally.
✔️Prevents pigmentation and freckles. Prevent premature aging, and regeneration of cells damaged by the ravages of the environment, and blocking inhibition melamine pigment changes.
✔️It helps build collagen to continuously maintain a youthful, healthy and protect your skin smooth bright fresh skin

Vita White Plus is a whitening supplement that is well received both in Japan and the Philippines. It contains vitamins that whitens your skin naturally and lightens pigmentation and freckles. It also enhances your skin metabolism to keep your skin looking younger.

Vitamin C gives new skin cells a lighter pigment while Vitamin E enhances skin metabolism and improves the regeneration of new skin cells. Over time, your skin will get whiter as your body produces new lighter colored skin cells.

Vitamin B2 and L-cysteine further enhances whitening efficacy by reducing the formation of excess melanin preventing and eliminating skin pigmentation, freckles, and provides anti-aging properties.

This bottle contains 240 whitening tablets which is enough for 40 days.

✔️Take 2 tablets 3 times a day after meals
✔️Drink with a full glass of water
✔️Do not chew the tablets