Snail Whipp Soap
Snail Whipp Soap
Snail Whipp Soap

Snail Whipp Soap

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What will you get from Snail Whipp Soap?

✅Promotes brightening and healthy skin.
✅With the qualified active ingredients, you will get a nourish, healthier, softer, youthful and smoother skin
✅Acne scars, stretchmarks and rashes will be reduced.
✅Oil control on face
✅Moisturizes dry skin
✅Reduce skin irritations cause by sunlight and smoke
✅Enhances the creation of collagen and elastin
✅It can help hydrate skin, promote skin to be glowing, and rejuvenate skin naturally.

💖Namu Life Snail White Whipp Soap is the premium “net soap” for your new experience of skin nourishment.

💖The whipped foam helps cleanse skin gently & nourishes skin with the benefits of Bearberry Lead extracts that promotes skin to be radiant.

With 3 plant extracts:
✅Balloon Vine
✅Echium Oil
✅Sunflower Oil

💖Which help reduce inflammation & when blended with Hyaluronic Acid, it can help hydrate the skin, promote skin to be glowing & rejuvenate skin naturally!

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